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Personal EPIRB VPL8

Personal EPIRB is the best equipment for global distress searching and rescuing. It transmits 406MHz distress signal and 121.5MHz homing signal. It is easy to carry, ease of operation, fast and accurate of alarm.It is suitable for outdoor using and field operations.


ME3004 is a kind of personnel compact and lightweight beacon used in many occasions. It adopts AIS technology, with manual activation. It is complied with the standard of IEC61097-14, ITU-R M.1371. ME3004 can transmit distress signal to ships around it and AIS shore station under emergency situation. Signal contains GPS, beidou satellite positioning data and beacon user ID information. It can help self-rescue or rescued by the around ships. ME3004 is specially developed for crew’s daily working. It can also be used for the person working under dangerous environment. VSA8 is with 5year’s free maintenance, low cost-in-use, no need to pay communication fee.

Antenna Coupler WAT-150

WAT-150 antenna coupler supports two tuning methods, auto control and remote control. Also it owns a short-wave full-band memory tuning function.Using imported relays, high-quality components and parts in WAT-150 antenna coupler, guarantee its outstanding performance and reliability.

Beacon Tester VRI8

Beacon Tester is the device for testing EPIRB’s technical parameter.Variety of information can be measured and displayed on the Tester, just like frequency of the input signal, power, code etc. It can be widely used in testing during EPIRB’s production, factory inspection, repair and maintenance, and annual appraisal etc.

BD positioning terminals for vessels VRI5

VRI5, the ship supervision terminal, applies advanced technologies such as Beidou RDSS communication, solar power supply, GPS/BD satellite positioning, GIS geographic information system, database management, etc., to realize "all-weather, all-time, and all-sea" dynamic supervision of ships. It provides effective management means for government departments and timely safety guarantee for offshore employees. Through the integrated information management platform, the equipment provides users with information such as the position, speed, course and status, realizes uninterrupted positioning, monitoring and tracking, and effectively improves the electronic and information level of ship management.

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