Don't forget your original intention, and always be

"Domestic initiative", "filling the gap in the domestic technology field", "installation and use of more than 1000 fishing boats and business boats". In December, the ME3003 Beidou high-precision intelligent terminal team of the Institute of Offshore Electric Power submitted the annual "hard core" report card to the company before the new year.

"Seize the day and night to keep the original intention, and fulfill the mission of Shaohua"

In the afternoon of March 30, the General Party Branch of the Institute organized a 2020 work conference to study the spirit of the work conference of 36 institutes in 2020 and the work conference of strict governance of the Party, carefully summarized the work of the Institute in 2019, analyzed and judged the situation faced, and deployed the work tasks in 2020. All the party members in Jiaxing, Ningbo and Zhoushan, the head of the division group of the company, and the activists of the company to join the party attended the meeting.