"Seize the day and night to keep the original intention, and fulfill the mission of Shaohua"


In the afternoon of March 30, the General Party Branch of the Institute organized a 2020 work conference to study the spirit of the work conference of 36 institutes in 2020 and the work conference of strict governance of the Party, carefully summarized the work of the Institute in 2019, analyzed and judged the situation faced, and deployed the work tasks in 2020. All the party members in Jiaxing, Ningbo and Zhoushan, the head of the division group of the company, and the activists of the company to join the party attended the meeting.
The meeting was chaired by Xu Shenyang, the full-time deputy secretary of the General Party Branch, Huang Xiange, the propaganda member of the General Party Branch, made the work summary for 2019 on behalf of the General Party Branch, and Li Peizheng, the secretary of the General Party Branch, made the work plan report for 2020; Zhu Jianliang, member of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the General Party Branch, informed the General Party Branch of the use of the Party's expenses in 2019; Xu Shenyang, the full-time deputy secretary of the General Party Branch, reported the progress of the rectification work of the theme education of "Don't forget your original intention, keep your mission in mind".
The meeting comprehensively reviewed the work of the General Party Branch in 2019.   Integrate the resources of the three places, continue to promote the integration of the marine electronics industry, and carry out the party building work in a sound and colorful way. Under the escort of the party building work, the company adheres to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and successfully completes the main objectives and tasks of the year.
The meeting stressed that in 2020, the company will continue to adhere to the guidance of party building and promote the party building work to start again. First, we should earnestly fulfill the mission of central enterprises by further strengthening the study of political theory; Second, we should adhere to the two hands of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of enterprises; Third, we should consolidate and deepen the educational achievements of the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission", and continue to do a good job in rectification; Fourth, we should resolutely implement the inspection opinions of the Party Committee of the previous year, implement the rectification work in place according to the requirements, achieve the linkage between the upper and lower levels, and promote as a whole, to prevent the phenomenon that only deployment is not implemented; Fifth, we should enhance the creativity of the value of party building work, inspire the company's fighting spirit, and lead the company's reform and development; The company should have a high position, take the initiative to connect with the construction of the Jiake sub-group, take the enterprise reform as a specific work measure to implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee and the construction of the governance system, improve its business skills and courage, and fulfill its responsibilities; Sixth, we should strengthen the construction of the talent team and the Party, Labor and Youth League to provide strong support for achieving the company's goal of high-quality development.
Water the harvest with sweat, and move forward with hard work. At the end of the meeting, Li Peizheng, secretary of the General Party Branch, put forward several requirements on how to better promote the company's party building and central work: first, we should read the original principles, strengthen our ideological understanding, and improve our political standing. The members of the team should focus on learning, closely meet the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the group party group and the party committee of the institute, and form combat effectiveness. At the same time, we should organize the company's staff to learn from the whole staff Seize every day, adhere to the original mission, and live up to the time; Second, by describing the real things that happened during the epidemic, all Party members are required to give full play to the exemplary role of Party members, and to achieve the two hands of epidemic prevention and control and enterprise operation; Third, we should adhere to the company's strong management, expand the market, and increase efficiency, build the company's team into a red ship iron army that listens to the party's words, follows the party, has the courage to take responsibility, acts diligently, and performs well, lead the marine electronics industry to develop faster and better, and let the company firmly move forward on the path of high-quality development.