Yao Kebo, one of the "100 science and technology dreamers" in Zhejiang, is the "dreamer" of marine science and technology


Yao Kebo, deputy chief engineer of China Electronics Technology (Ningbo) Marine Electronics Research Institute, "one hundred science and technology dreamers" in Zhejiang. He has participated in the scientific research of major national public safety projects for many times, and now he is leading the terminal development of projects such as the integration of ship navigation and navigation, and the dynamic supervision of Beidou ships.
Willing to be ordinary and achieve extraordinary results
He has worked in this industry for 23 years, from an ordinary technician to an engineer to a senior engineer to a deputy chief engineer. He has worked hard and achieved extraordinary achievements.
Yao Kebo mobilized his strong learning ability and obtained a college degree in the self-study examination in 2004. With the broadening of vision and the substantial increase of knowledge, his research began to blossom and bear fruit. In just a few years, he won four national invention patents and five national utility patents. In 2012, he led the research and development of the first satellite emergency radio position indicator in China, achieved the localization of the equipment, broke the foreign monopoly, and won the third prize of the Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award. At present, the product has occupied 70% of the market share of the national ship position indicator, and is also sold to developed countries such as Europe and the United States.
Keep improving and constantly challenge yourself
With the upgrading of market demand, under the leadership of Yao Kebo, the Beidou ship supervision research team has continuously upgraded the Beidou terminal products, overcome many problems such as low power consumption, high protection, long life, etc., and won numerous favorable comments from user units. This intelligent terminal has greatly improved the efforts of regulatory authorities across the country to crack down on illegal acts during the fishing season and the management level of the sea area. Behind this is the countless efforts of researchers such as Yao Kebo over the years.
"Quotations of professional understanding: details determine success or failure". Today, half of Yao Kebo's working time is devoted to developing new products, and the rest is to keep learning and keeping up with the latest technology. Overtime is the norm of his work.
Colleagues all called him "an expert and a model scholar". He has devoted almost all his energy to his work. No matter how hard or tired he is, he has never complained. His character has never changed. He is as serious, diligent, enthusiastic and optimistic as ever!
Because of his dream, Yao Kebo chose to take root in 36 institutes. He did his best to play the role of director in the platform of 36 institutes of marine electronics to serve enterprises, and at the same time, he made continuous efforts to build the country into a "marine science and technology power".