The "epidemic" road is concentrically concentrated to build an epidemic prevention fortress

Carry out the original mission with practical actions, and resolutely win the sniper war of epidemic prevention and control. Since the implementation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work, the Division of Labor of the General Party Branch of the Institute has given full play to the role of fighting fortress, and has been brave to take responsibility and take the initiative to contribute to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Yao Kebo, one of the "100 science and technology dreamers" in Zhejiang, is the "dreamer" of marine science and technology

Yao Kebo, deputy chief engineer of China Electronics Technology (Ningbo) Marine Electronics Research Institute, "one hundred science and technology dreamers" in Zhejiang. He has participated in the scientific research of major national public safety projects for many times, and now he is leading the terminal development of projects such as the integration of ship navigation and navigation, and the dynamic supervision of Beidou ships.