The "epidemic" road is concentrically concentrated to build an epidemic prevention fortress


Carry out the original mission with practical actions, and resolutely win the sniper war of epidemic prevention and control. Since the implementation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work, the Division of Labor of the General Party Branch of the Institute has given full play to the role of fighting fortress, and has been brave to take responsibility and take the initiative to contribute to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.
"Today, we are in good health. Thank you for your concern!" "All of us are in accordance with the requirements of the local government. At present, protecting ourselves and our families is our greatest contribution to the country and society!" "Pay more attention to our own safety and protect our families" Since January 25, the company's management has released the latest epidemic information to the WeChat group every day. Employees from Hubei and Wenzhou have reported their own situation and family situation in real time through the WeChat group. The WeChat group has built a bridge between the company and employees.
After the outbreak of the epidemic, various rumors flooded the network, which not only increased people's anxiety, but also affected social order. Therefore, the company always adhered to the front line of the epidemic prevention and control network to dispel rumors and spread positive energy. The general party branch branch trade union of the company established a WeChat group communication group with employees in key epidemic areas in Hubei and Wenzhou at the first time, and forwarded the concerned policy news, epidemic news, official rumor refutation information and so on to the group at the first time, so as to be a good public opinion fighter, policy propaganda month, and information transmitter, and create a clearer network space in special times.
The prevention and control of epidemic diseases is always the front line, and no slackness is allowed. The general party branch of the company attaches great importance to it. It not only actively conveys the relevant spirit and specific requirements of local governments, group companies and 36 research institutes on doing well in epidemic prevention and control, but also establishes a leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Zhoushan, Jiaxing, Ningbo, and formulates the Measures for the Prevention and Control of novel coronavirus Epidemic Resumption in the three places to effectively prevent and control the epidemic situation after the company's resumption of work. Through WeChat, QQ and other network media, the physical condition and family life of employees in the three places and key epidemic areas will be reported and understood in real time while minimizing personnel gathering.
Pay attention to prevention and control while resuming work. Since February 10, Ningbo Jiaxing Zhoushan three companies have resumed work. After returning to work, the company will monitor the temperature of all employees twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and establish a health file for each person; Lunch is divided into meals to reduce the contact between people.
In addition to the epidemic prevention and control work for the returned employees, the employees to be returned are also an important part. "Can employees in key epidemic areas return to work on time?" "What is the policy for the location of employees waiting to return to work?" "How can employees return to work safely and smoothly?" In the face of this series of rework problems, the General Party Branch Division of Labor will, on the one hand, do a good job in explaining and communicating with the employees waiting to return to work, and on the other hand, quickly understand the anti-epidemic policies of all regions. After learning that the government of Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City has launched a special train to return to Jiaxing for the workers who have returned to work, the company immediately contacted the government departments such as the Science and Technology Bureau of Xiuzhou District to ensure that the employees can return to the work place safely and timely. After the employees in the key epidemic areas returned to work, the company was also the first time to offer on-site condolences and send the warmth of the labor union of the General Party Branch.
Hand in hand, the river flows into the sea, and the heart connects to the heart to build the Great Wall. The division of labor of the General Party Branch will exchange care for peace of mind, gather strength with love, fight the epidemic with confidence, sing the prelude of spring with the fullest working enthusiasm, and help the company to embark on a new journey of high-quality development with the most sincere steps!