Don't forget your original intention, and always be


"Domestic initiative", "filling the gap in the domestic technology field", "installation and use of more than 1000 fishing boats and business boats". In December, the ME3003 Beidou high-precision intelligent terminal team of the Institute of Offshore Electric Power submitted the annual "hard core" report card to the company before the new year.
ME3003 Beidou high-precision intelligent terminal is a series of terminal products integrating Beidou positioning system, electronic navigation aid, AIS message receiving and sending, one-button alarm, tide level warning, weather forecast, navigation record and digital instrument panel. The product is the first in China.
It is like learning from each other, like cutting and grinding. Wan Desong, the project leader, introduced that since the establishment of the project in early 2019, the research and development members have repeatedly studied and digested the relevant domestic and foreign data, modestly learned from the relevant scientific research institutions, and constantly tried, and finally made a breakthrough. In the field of emergency communication, the terminal can use 4G communication mode to synchronously upload the information of ships in distress at about 6 to 7 nautical miles to the Internet platform, and after the platform confirms that there is no error, It will arrange the rescue of nearby ships as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the crew; In terms of electronic navigation aid, the terminal can realize free switching between online map and offline map. From the feedback of the use of the ship owner and crew, the map can realize the visual display of all information in the whole area; In terms of AIS message sending and receiving, through the mutual communication between the terminal and the 4G base stations along the coast, the error coefficient of Beidou positioning is adjusted in real time to achieve high-precision positioning within 1 meter.
In the process of research and development of the project, there are experienced team leaders who overcome difficulties, have perseverance and determination, and give full play to the pioneering role of Party members. There are young and promising comrades, diligent and hard-working teams working in the front line, as well as hard-working Party members and comrades who contribute silently behind the scenes. It is precisely this solidarity and dedication. Within one year, the project team successfully developed the ME3003 Beidou high-precision intelligent terminal in advance and passed the CCS certification. The product has realized the process from scratch to refinement, and its performance parameters have been continuously improved, surpassing the products of the same category in the domestic and foreign markets, and filling the gap in the domestic technical field.
At the same time, in just three months, the product has been installed and used in more than 1000 inland fishing boats and business boats, covering the Yangtze River. It has successfully pioneered the application of intelligent navigation system in the field of inland ships, and has a wide market space.
Next, the Beidou high-precision shipborne intelligent terminal research and development team will continue to use the "craftsman spirit" to sharpen the party spirit, use the "team spirit" to inherit our party's fine tradition, break down complex terminals into piles, continuously optimize and upgrade terminals, and strive to be the pacesetter of the National Academy of Sciences and Technology, and dare to be the key player of the ten billion Jiake in the prelude of the shipborne integration industry, We will strive to build the terminal into the spokesman of China's inland river field. Only by adhering to the idea of craftsman, being loyal to the Party, and firmly believing in it, and firmly establishing the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly and the revolutionary ideal of striving for communism for a lifetime in the course of doing things and establishing a career, can we never forget our original intention and always achieve the goal.
Beidou high-precision shipborne intelligent terminal ME3003
ME3003 Formal Approval Certificate of China Classification Society
Installation photos of ME3003 on the Yangtze River Channel official ship