The General Party Branch of the Institute of Offshore Electric Power has organized the publicity, implementation and training of the internal management system


On June 13, the General Party Branch of the Institute organized three places to carry out the publicity and implementation training of the internal management system in a centralized way. The middle and senior leaders of the company, the second-level branch committees, the members of the division committee and the Youth League branch committees participated in the study meeting. The system interpreters went to the stage to publicize the management system of their own departments, and organized the participants to conduct on-site tests to enhance the awareness of all staff to consciously abide by the company's internal management system, deepen the understanding of the company's internal management system, and further implement the inspection opinions of the party committee. The meeting was chaired by Xu Shenyang, the full-time deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the Company.
At the meeting, Li Peizheng, secretary of the General Party Branch and general manager, stressed that the company should take this training and learning as an opportunity, first, strengthen learning and strictly implement it. Further strengthen the study and grasp of the company's internal management system and earnestly implement it. The second is to strengthen supervision and implement responsibilities. This training is a centralized study and effectiveness test of the internal management system, and the fundamental purpose is to require all departments to check problems and supplement weaknesses against the management system in a timely manner to ensure that the internal management is more standardized and orderly. Third, we should set an example and play a role. Supervisors at all levels should earnestly assume the main responsibility for the implementation of the system, and play their due role in better performing department responsibilities and in the development of the company.
It is not difficult to legislate things in the world, but it is difficult to implement laws. Effective implementation is the continuation of the life of the system, the embodiment of the value of the system, and the fundamental guarantee for the implementation of the system. Only with unity and unity of mind, "with rules, true actions, and drawing a square", can we really promote the vigorous development and prosperity of the company. Only by transforming the implementation of the system into work standards and conscious actions can the system be truly implemented and put into place to ensure the seriousness, credibility and authority of the system. Reflect the value of the system and continue the life of the system.
This training is highly targeted, practical and operational. It includes both the explanation of the system and the interpretation of the actual operation. During the training and learning process, the colleagues listened attentively, took notes carefully, and actively interacted with each other. The scene atmosphere was warm and happy. Through this training, everyone said that they should actively study the company's system, be familiar with the content of the system, strive to assume the responsibility of implementing the system, establish the awareness of strictly following the system, and take the lead in implementing it.