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Search and Rescue Radar Transponder (SART) VSSA8

Search and rescue radar transponder (SART) is a global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS), can guide the rescue aircraft and rescue ship to find the target as soon as possible at close range, and can let the SART holders know rescue plane or ship near them.

Automatic Identification System(AIS) ME3003

ME3003 is a general ship-borne AIS equipment independently developed by CLP, which can exchange navigation and ship data information with other ships and platforms.ME3003 consists of transponder unit, display control unit, VHF and GPS antenna and relevant accessories. The transponder unit includes a VHF transmitter, two TDMA receivers, a communication processor, a built-in GPS receiver, etc.


NAVTEX system is coastal telex broadcasting system used in the whole world. The broadcasting station can transmit navigation warning, weather warning, Search and rescue (SAR) information, and other data required for the navigation of ships within the broadcasting service, range of the service is 200-400 nautical miles. ME1701 NAVTEX terminal has two narrow-band receivers, one tuned to 518 kHz international NAVTEX frequency, the other tuned to 486khz, 490 kHz or 4209.5khz domestic or local frequency, which can be selected through the switch “frequency selection” on the front panel.

Very High Frequency (VHF) ME1801

The latest software radio technology applied in ME-1801 very high frequency (VHF) radio device, relying on its unique digital signal processing technology, perfectly demonstrates its excellent receiving and transmitting performance.

Information Terminal (NBDP) NB-1501

EPIRB is the necessary device for global search and rescue in distress, which can transmit distress signal of 406MHz and pilot signal of 121.5MHz. As a product that passes certifications of COSPAS, CCS(approval from China Classification Society) and ZY (Register of Fishing Vessel of the People’s Republic of China), VEP8 can meet the requirements of IMO/IEC and COSPAS-SARSAT. VEPS has the advantages of simple operation and easy maintenance.

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