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Short-wave Communication System

The ship shortwave communication system refers to a system that uses the original fishery shortwave frequency points to notify the fishing boats in the jurisdiction of weather, tidal floods, typhoons and other information, and publishes fishery safety production notices and other broadcast information systems.

Intelligent navigation system for tugboats in docks and ports

This intelligent navigation system is suitable for ships in offshore waters. It uses sensing technology, computer technology and data analysis technology to provide ships with four functions: route design and optimization, short-distance collision avoidance safety warning, operation statistics and management, and shore-based communication. It can provide tugboats with multi-target ship route design and optimization based on the AIS data of the towed ship, short-range collision avoidance safety warning based on lidar, fuel consumption statistics and track management based on electronic fences and operating areas, ship-to-shore communication and long-distance transmission. To provide auxiliary warnings for collision avoidance between the mast of the ship and the hull being operated in stormy weather, and effectively solve the problem of difficult collision avoidance or difficult operation under low visibility and bad weather conditions. This system provides ship-shore integrated tugboat formation supervision, which can provide The tugboat operation provides a safety guarantee, and the fuel consumption is counted according to the operation area, which provides a basis for the optimization of the ship's fuel consumption and improves the operation and economic efficiency of the tugboat.

Vessel Voyage Data Recording System

The vessel voyage data recorder is also known as the black box of the vessel, or VDR for short. It is a complete system for recording and ship navigation and operation data, video data, AIS data, etc., including any interface with input data sources required for data processing and data encoding, the final record data information, power supply and dedicated backup power supply equipment in its black box. It is an instrument that records and saves the position, dynamics, physical conditions, commands and manipulation methods, video and other relevant information of the vessel in a period before and after the accident in a safe and recoverable manner. It plays a key role in accident investigation and analysis.

Overwater and Underwater Integrated Patrol Unmanned Boat

Overwater and underwater integrated patrol unmanned boat is a new generation of water unmanned boat product that integrates the latest multi-source data fusion early warning and multi-method overwater and underwater detection and other characteristics. By carrying different security equipment, the unmanned boat can achieve different tasks of patrol and defense operations, so it is widely used in conference security, port patrol, island and reef protection, assistance in law enforcement, anti-smuggling, anti-submarine and anti-frogman operations and other related fields. The unmanned boat can also be configured according to customer needs to achieve personalized functional goals.

High-speed High-sea Condition Unmanned Boat

The high-speed and high-sea situation unmanned boat is a new generation of unmanned boat product on the water that integrates the latest navigation control technology and faces high-sea situation applications. By carrying different task equipment, the unmanned boat can achieve different mission operations, so it is widely used in dynamic target simulation, water smuggling and other fields. The unmanned boat can also be configured according to customer needs to achieve personalized functional goals.

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