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Electronic Drawing Inspection System

The electronic image review system is to promote the construction of marine economy in our province and better serve the fishery work. Because the traditional paper review adopted by design units across the province requires a lot of manpower and material resources to submit paper drawings for approval, it has been unable to meet the needs of service government construction. We start from the overall situation and intensify the review of fishing boat drawings and carry out the reform of “transacting at most one time”in accordance with the requirements of the 2017 Zhejiang Provincial People's Government on the Accelerating the Implementation of the “Transacting at Most One Time” Reform Implementation Plan, realize the networked, digitized and process management and tracking of fishing boat electronic format drawing review according to Provisions on the Procedures for the Review of Ship Design Drawings of Zhejiang Ship Inspection Bureau, establish the whole-process supervision of fishing boat drawings review, and improve the new capabilities and service levels of fishing vessel plan approval management and review.

Fishing Vessel Comprehensive Management System

This system adopts the design philosophy of integrating top-down design and bottom-up development and focuses on the actual work needs of fishery vessel inspection supervision and management to improve the overall supervision level of government fishing vessel inspection work. This system adopts service-oriented thought, relies on the innovative technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and comprehensively uses management information resources to construct and improve the fishing vessel inspection information system, and strengthen the effective supervision of fishing vessel management and inspection, with an expectation of finally meeting the needs of Zhejiang fishery vessel inspection supervision and service capabilities. The goal of this project is to rely on the existing hardware environment of Zhejiang Port and Shipping Administration (if necessary to increase the basic environment construction to be assessed and determined), and integrate into the Zhejiang Port and Shipping Comprehensive Management and Service Platform under the existing digital port and shipping framework, and establish a comprehensive fishery inspection management information system covering the province, city and county levels.

Short-wave Communication System

The ship shortwave communication system refers to a system that uses the original fishery shortwave frequency points to notify the fishing boats in the jurisdiction of weather, tidal floods, typhoons and other information, and publishes fishery safety production notices and other broadcast information systems.

Vessel Voyage Data Recording System

The vessel voyage data recorder is also known as the black box of the vessel, or VDR for short. It is a complete system for recording and ship navigation and operation data, video data, AIS data, etc., including any interface with input data sources required for data processing and data encoding, the final record data information, power supply and dedicated backup power supply equipment in its black box. It is an instrument that records and saves the position, dynamics, physical conditions, commands and manipulation methods, video and other relevant information of the vessel in a period before and after the accident in a safe and recoverable manner. It plays a key role in accident investigation and analysis.

Dynamic Monitoring System of the Ship

The ship supervision system is composed of the onboard monitoring terminal and system monitoring platform software. The onboard monitoring terminal receives global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals to form ship position information, and sends it to the system monitoring platform regularly through wireless communication (Beidou + public network). The system monitoring platform can form information such as ship position, trajectory, and entry and exit visa records through data reception, processing, and integration. There will be an alarm when there is an abnormality, which can be displayed on the system monitoring platform and the mobile phone of the administrator, thereby providing a basis for scientific and efficient management of law enforcement.

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