Smart Port and Sailing

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Fairway Smart Lever and Ship-shore Coordination System

The inland fairway and port smart lever is an innovative product in the inland fairway field. The product can realize the full coverage of inland fairway information management including the fairway, wireless network at the port, video surveillance, AIS and RFID ship monitoring, fairway sensor network, emergency rescue system, and ship pollutant recovery, etc. The inland fairway port smart lever involves many application fields such as lightning protection, lighting, video, communication, human-computer interaction, perception detection, intelligent control, industrial design and so on. In addition, the inland fairway port smart lever is still a fusion product. It concentrates the separate functional modules on one lever to realize multifunctional linkage and multi-scene application. The inland fairway port smart lever can not only beautify the environment around the fairway and the port, but also avoid the repeated construction caused by the asynchronous design of the infrastructure, thereby achieving resource integration and management intensification.Through the integration of information technology in the field of inland fairway navigation, the system has improved the level of technological governance of inland fairway navigation.

Offshore wind power safety information system solution

The wind power industry is a key project of the national strategic emerging industry development plan. Offshore wind farms are far away from land, and the operation and maintenance difficulty is much higher than that of onshore wind farms. In comparison, offshore operation and maintenance operations are significantly affected by tides. There are not only bad working conditions such as typhoons, but also more strong winds, fog, and thunderstorms. The weather and large shoals have difficulties in access, long operation time, and high risk factor. The sea environment is complex, the wind and waves are strong, the risk of operation is high, and the incidence of safety accidents is high, but there is a lack of corresponding rescue methods.

Ocean Environment Observation System Solution

Through the integrated software of atmospheric and oceanic environmental parameter measurement systems, the efficient and unified management of atmospheric and oceanic environmental data can be realized, and various types of water quality, hydrology, meteorology, and optical observation systems (including but not limited to automatic weather stations, hydrometeorological buoys) can be centrally managed by using system integration technology , Drifting buoys, tide level observation system, hyperspectral observation system, various underwater acoustic observation systems, etc.), and establish a guarantee system to ensure data transmission. Portable automatic weather stations can automatically measure, process and store meteorological data for professional use, such as meteorological and scientific research, comprehensive observation, etc.

VHF Communication System

The VHF communication system adopts the digital switching control equipment as the shore-based dispatch communication platform for port communication, so it can be used for maritime distress search and rescue wireless communication for ships in coastal waters, including dispatch, dialogue, and alarm functions. In addition, the communication system can also provide watercraft traffic safety and emergency command for inland waterways and maritime affairs departments. The system fully complies with the industry standards and specifications of related technologies and equipment formulated by the national transportation department.

Official Boat Digital Comprehensive Driving and Controlling System

The system uses a three-layer network and information processing technology to centrally process and display the navigation equipment, navigation aids, monitoring equipment and control equipment on the official boat in a way of information fusion, thus constructing a comprehensive ship supervision platform with integrated ship and shore supervision. The system consists of a 48.5-inch main screen, a 12-inch touch screen, a mobile monitoring terminal and a protocol conversion device. It can display and process the AIS, GPS, compass, depth sounder, anemometer, radar, fire alarm, engine room status and video monitoring and other data comprehensively on the main screen. Through two 12-inch touch screens and the main screen for interaction and operation, the surrounding ships can be predicted and collision avoidance early warning based on situation analysis. In addition, the system can upload data to the shore-based management center, thereby realizing integrated ship-shore supervision and improving the information and intelligence level of the entire ship.

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